Empty Leg Jet Charters Arizona, California, and Worldwide

Experience the Ultimate Private Jet Charter

Welcome to Valley Jet, your ultimate source for private jet travel. We specialize in providing luxury air travel for high-end clients, offering unparalleled service and unbeatable prices. Our empty leg charter flights are the perfect solution for those looking to experience the ultimate in luxury travel without compromising on quality. With destinations across Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, San Diego, California, and around the world, we offer an incredible opportunity to fly in style and comfort.

Trust our experienced team to ensure your journey is smooth, hassle-free, and exceeds your expectations. Book now and discover why Valley Jet is the go-to source for luxury air travel.

Date From To Aircraft
September 9 Scottsdale Pagosa Springs Midsize Jet
September 9-10 Scottsdale Coeur d’Alene Midsize Jet
September 10 Scottsdale St. Louis Midsize Jet
September 15 Scottsdale Jackson Midsize Jet
September 16 Scottsdale Bozeman Midsize Jet
September 17 Scottsdale Ogden Turboprop
September 17 Scottsdale Telluride Light Jet
September 17 Scottsdale Jackson Light Jet
September 18 Phoenix Las Vegas Light Jet
September 8 Phoenix Van Nuys Heavy Jet
September 8 Phoenix Van Nuys Midsize Jet
September 9 San Diego Chandler Midsize Jet

*All empty legs are valid subject to continued aircraft availability.