5 Most Scenic Flights In The Western United States

The Window Seat

The best seat is the window seat on a Valley Jet flight and thankfully with our large fleet, there are plenty of these seats to choose from. In this week’s article, we explore the top five most scenic flights in the western United States. These are flights from 1-3 hours that can take you and your family on great vacation destinations from the sand to the summit. Or head out to tour one of these cities after a day of meetings.

Whether your travel is work or pleasure, we ensure each trip is memorable. From a Valley Jet Western Flight, you can see views which give you a true picture of the great United States plains, canyons, deserts, and miles of untouched land that is still wild.

Now take a seat, sit back and relax, and enjoy breath-taking views from 35,000 feet with Valley Jet Services.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada
The Heart of The Southwest

Deep in the heart of the Southwest, this flight features views of the beautiful desert, red rich canyons for miles and of course the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. While thousands venture here each year to see the natural wonder and the large dam these two landmarks whose size can only truly be comprehended from a birds eye view. The Grand Canyon stretches on for over 277 miles through Arizona and up to 18 miles across. This flight from Phoenix is completed in just under an hour and you will spend every minute of it enjoying the spectacular terrain that has been the backgrounds of western films for years.

2. San Diego, California to Aspen, Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Way

From the surf and sand to the icy Rocky Mountains this flight has something that can be enjoyed by all. Taking off out of San Diego the typical flight pattern will head west out over the Pacific Ocean before banking back toward the continental US. On particularly clear summer days, boats, whales, and sometimes even dolphins can be seen from your seat. Heading east over the Rocky Mountains provides a stark contrast of dark striking mountains with white peaks that remain snow-covered year-round. This national park stretches down through Colorado and whether your destination is Aspen, Broomfield, or Centennial, you will get to enjoy the sheer majesty of this mountain range.

3. Los Angeles, California, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Fly The Baja California

While this is flight takes us out of the domestic United States, it is a baja beach flight for the books. Coastal views from take off to landing are guaranteed with over 800 miles of beach along the Baja California. This is sure to get you in the vacation spirit. While Los Angeles is sure to please taking off gives you a view of the massive city which is home to 3.97 million people. The stunning architecture and congested highways are a stark contrast to the scenic and tropical destination of Cabo. Enjoy a margarita in-flight complimentary of Valley Jet Charter company and your vacation is a few nautical miles away.

4. San Francisco, California to Seattle, Washington
Vision of Majesty

Up farther north, this flight is a balance of seascapes and the thick greenery which the Pacific North West is famous for. At about two hours, this flight is one that captures beautiful views of the ocean from take off to landing. Above the foggy forests, you can see the peaks of mountains stretch upward into the sky, a vision of majesty. In Seattle, tours via seaplane are in high demand due to the lush forests of Washington and these famous mountain tops, but these views can be seen on approach from your own charter seat as well. Due to foggy conditions, this flight can be a hit or miss on the views, but on a clear day, the sights will truly wow.

Bear Lake Utah

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Provo, Utah
Crystal Clear Lakes

Western mountain towns are the perfect retreat all year long whether your interests are hiking and biking, or skiing and snowshoeing and this flight gets you up close and personal with beautiful mountain lake views. Fly over the Ashley National Forest and Bear Lake on your way to Provo and be sure to look out for the Great Salt Lake which Utah’s capital is named after. Provo is a small municipal airport with big views, it is completely surrounded with mountains. These peaks are snowy white throughout much of the year and are a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Their hues turn bright greens and yellow during the summer months which invite fishermen, campers, and hunters to enjoy their beauty, the colors are spectacular to behold in the air. This one hour flight is full of nature’s beauty.